So much has changed

Dear Dad,

I’ve been doing some biking this month in support of kids cancer through the Sick Kids Foundation. This is a foundation run from the Toronto Sick Kids hospital which if you remember is where Joe had his open heart surgery. This event is a month long ride where we set two goals, one is for the distance we are going to attempt to ride, the other is a donation goal. I have done this for the past two years, neither times have I hit either previous two goals. This year however, I’ve surpassed both of my goals that I’ve set for myself. I set a goal to attempt to ride 300 km’s, as of today I’m at around 330+ km’s. My donation goal I set this year was $500. Somehow as a result of having lots of caring friends, coworkers and family I’ve been able to secure $600 in donations.

In addition to this I was able to attract other participants at work, we created a team with it’s own goals and we have surpassed all of those as well. Our team was able to secure over $2500+ in donations. I am hoping that this will continue to be a yearly event not only for me but my work as well.

I have also been able to attract the attention of Paul, from the old neighborhood who also joined in, riding his bike, obtaining $600 in donations. With Paul being a lifelong smoker and having participated at all is purely amazing to me and I feel very proud to know that I have been able to inspire him enough to consider doing this. He actually surpassed his initial goal of 100 km’s, increased it to 150 and will without a doubt surpass that as well.

I have been enjoying this activity immensely. Not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to keep it up but I’m now looking for the next person to inspire.


It’s been awhile

Dear Dad,

I knew it had been awhile since I last wrote a blog entry here but to find that it’s been over 3 years was a little depressing. I used to love writing. Writing about anything, complaining as necessary. I’d been doing it for a long time, so what happened?  Work…life…change. It’s not like I’m not doing as much as I perhaps once did.  I’m just doing different things now and it’s not so much what I’m doing but perhaps how I’m doing them too. As an example, I have a PC at home. I rarely go on it. So right there just about everything I used to do on the internet, on the PC is now either gone or now different. I do most things from my cell phone now and when at home I use my tablet. All of the same things I might have previously done from my PC I now do, more or less using these other devices which present a slightly different use case. You don’t have a tactile keyboard on those other devices so the way you “write” is now different and in some ways less precise, relying on swipe keyboards and error correction that often results in incorrect words used in incorrect ways. Editing, though possible, is very difficult and so laborious that I often end up deleting entire sentences and paragraphs because it’s easier. I think that whole experience makes it less enjoyable to blog anymore, though it is my tablet that I’m using to write this, while sitting on the couch with the TV on :-|.
I do have the WordPress app on my tablet so that makes it easier but I still seem to have difficulties making the time to allow myself the time to think about and write a blog entry. One of the things you realize the older you get, is that there is never enough time to do all of the things you feel you want to do.
Youth is definitely wasted on the young. I understand that now.
Til next time…

The youngest

Dear Dad,
Today is my youngest childs bithday. He’s 22 today. How time flies. It seems like only yesterday when he was going through his open heart surgery. It was the scariest time of our lives. It is still amazing for me to think that his heart was stopped for over 6 hours while they repaired it. Its even more amazing to think that within 48 hours he was awake and squaking about being connected up to all of those hoses and wires. He was a fighter then, i know he still has it in him now.

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Dear Dad,
I had a wierd sensation today while driving home from work. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a Chevy pickup truck changing lanes to the lane i was in. For some strange reason when i looked at this truck, i thought of a persons name. Not just anyone, a particular person. My brain somehow connected this truck to a person. Strange.

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More time

Dear Dad,

I have been feeling very fortunate lately, having the opportunity to spend as much time as i have been, with my son. On the one hand he totally pisses me of by being unemployed but on the other hand i am so enjoying his company. We have similar interests. Him and i went for a nice long walk tonight. It gives us ample opportunity to discuss our interests and the latest news.
If i hadn’t been hell-bent on traversing the country we might have had similar experiences. I guess that’s why i’ve been relishing the time i’ve been having with my son.

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Letters to my Dad

I have been wondering what to do with this blog.  I’ve seen some people use such similar “extra” blogs as a place to showcase thier interests or thier expertise and/or skills. I’m not interested in following the crowds, necessarily.

I don’t know what it was on tv that i was watching when i thought of my idea but i wondered what it would be like to write my Dad some “letters”. Whats so fantastical and innovative of this plan you may ask? My Dad has been dead for 11 years. Sounds mushy i know. I was thinking i could mould it after the twitter phenom “Shit my Dad says” except it would be me talking to my Dad about shit i do or am apart of.

I’m hoping i can keep the posts brief but i can sometimes get a little long-winded. I’ll see what i can do.

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Another Wordpress blog…what to do…what to do

I somehow inherited a second blog.  Microsoft Spaces is being eliminated and they have partnered with WordPress so any existing MS Spaces can automatically be transferred to a new WordPress blog, so here it is.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with it!