It’s been awhile

Dear Dad,

I knew it had been awhile since I last wrote a blog entry here but to find that it’s been over 3 years was a little depressing. I used to love writing. Writing about anything, complaining as necessary. I’d been doing it for a long time, so what happened?  Work…life…change. It’s not like I’m not doing as much as I perhaps once did.  I’m just doing different things now and it’s not so much what I’m doing but perhaps how I’m doing them too. As an example, I have a PC at home. I rarely go on it. So right there just about everything I used to do on the internet, on the PC is now either gone or now different. I do most things from my cell phone now and when at home I use my tablet. All of the same things I might have previously done from my PC I now do, more or less using these other devices which present a slightly different use case. You don’t have a tactile keyboard on those other devices so the way you “write” is now different and in some ways less precise, relying on swipe keyboards and error correction that often results in incorrect words used in incorrect ways. Editing, though possible, is very difficult and so laborious that I often end up deleting entire sentences and paragraphs because it’s easier. I think that whole experience makes it less enjoyable to blog anymore, though it is my tablet that I’m using to write this, while sitting on the couch with the TV on :-|.
I do have the WordPress app on my tablet so that makes it easier but I still seem to have difficulties making the time to allow myself the time to think about and write a blog entry. One of the things you realize the older you get, is that there is never enough time to do all of the things you feel you want to do.
Youth is definitely wasted on the young. I understand that now.
Til next time…


About dooohhead2
A Software Developer from Canada whose interests are varied. You name the topic, I likely either have an interest in it, or have HAD an interest in it. I'm old enough to remember the good ol' days, smart enough to be wary of them and unfortunately too old to remember the best ones.

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